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They are the protagonists of every move, and not only that. The Eastern culture recognises the importance of feet for our whole vital energy. Hence we shall take care of our feet and use proper products on them.


For this reason, Segreti di Natura has designed a fantastic line, which has always proved successful. Foot care is certainly essential to keep healthy.


Thanks to the synergy of its active ingredients this cream is a true miracle for the welfare of the feet. It has a deep action in the formation of calluses and it fights heel cracks. In addition it performs as an antibacterial. Being a very strong softening allows the exfoliation of skin thickening, and consequently has a very sweet smoothing effect.

MADE WITH: sunflower oil, garlic and onion extract, St. John's wort oil, tea tree oil, carrot oil, menthol.

DIRECTIONS: apply with a light massage on the whole foot, preferably after the footbath, or at least a cleansing with hot water. In case of eye partridge very old and an advanced state of candidiasis nails we recommend, in addition to the cream, using the essential oil pure tea tree (Tea tree oil - Softening Soothing Line), right on the side, alternating it with the cream.


Revitalizing. Great for feet and very tired legs.

MADE WITH: thyme, mint, lavender, rosemary, witch hazel, ivy, birch, menthol, Ratana, savory, menthol.

DIRECTIONS: pour a small amount in a bowl with warm water and let your feet soak for ten minutes, concluding with a fast regenerating immersion in cold water. In the presence of very old streets and difficult to remove, you use it first cream delta.

Treat your feet well and certainly the key to staying in shape.


Great product for tired and swollen feet, adjuvant in the presence of varicose veins and fragile capillaries. Ideal to regain health

and vitality of the entire foot.

MADE WITH: mint, mallow, calendula, lavender, menthol.

DIRECTIONS: massage the affected area.


It is not a classic deodorant, but rather a healing. Made with tea tree, it has a strong antiseptic and fights bacterial fermentation

of sweat; gives a pleasant feeling of cool, does not block perspiration and is an adjunct in the stadiums of hyper-sweating.

MADE WITH: melaleuca, rosemary, sage, thyme, menthol.

DIRECTIONS: spray on dry ground or directly into the shoes (sneakers, accident prevention).


Emulsion indicated in the treatment of feet and tired legs; great for those who practices  sports. Designed for people suffering from poor circulation to the legs, resulting in cold feet.

MADE WITH: soy oil, thyme, St. John's wort, mint, camphor.

DIRECTIONS: apply on the feet and legs, with a gentle massage from the bottom up, to stimulate the circulation.


It is creamy very particular product: it will help to mechanically remove calluses and hardnesses from your feet thanks to the

micro-granules content.

MADE WITH: apricot kernel granules, mint, menthol, almond oil, kaolin, tea tree oil.

DIRECTIONS: wash your feet with warm water, pat dry. apply a small amount of product and massage your feet for a few minutes, finally, rinse, dry and apply a foot cream.

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