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At Segreti di Natura, we want to make cosmetics from what Nature offers to us. Our organic plantations grow in the pristine lands of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. In these places the symphony of plants resounds harmoniously with the mountain breeze.

Those grown in these lands are plants with a high concentration of active ingredients and a powerful vital energy. The good alchemist knows how to protect and preserve this strength into the final product, exclusively using traditional crafting methods. Each product of Segreti di Natura encases the scent of flowers and plants, the wind and the light of the mountains vital energy.

Segreti di Natura is a brand of the company  E.Cos Ecologia e Cosmesi s.c., we have been operating since 1990 from just outside Bologna, Italy.

All the people working in E.Cos have a great passion for the land. This has always inspired our team in the creation of every product of Segreti di Natura. Our plants are grown organically, and in full respect of their natural life cycles.


They are hand-harvested during the balsamic time and drying occurs naturally.

These traditional methods allow to preserve the quality of the active ingredients across the production processes. Quality controls are carried out along the entire product lifecycle.


Segreti di Natura includes a range of 100% natural products.



No product cosmetic of Segreti di Natura contains paraffins, petrolatum, silicones, parabens.

However, most of the products does not report any certification mark on the packaging.

This is because our company has chosen not to burden the end customer with the costs of using these logos.

Segreti di Natura simply means excellent natural cosmetics, appreciated in Italy and abroad, at an ethical and honest price.

E.Cos does not test on animals.

Raw materials that are not produced internally are purchased on the market, exclusively from certified organic suppliers. For those cosmetics that require the use of preservatives, emulsifiers, and other no organic elements, we rely on those recommended by ECOCERT®.

"Ringrazio la Natura e la sua magia perché mi hanno fatto realizzare un grande sogno. Ringrazio tutti i miei clienti perché stimolano sempre nuovi miglioramenti. Soprattutto voglio ringraziare il mio staff perché è il migliore di tutti."


Raffaella Nannoni

(Presidente e fondatrice di E.Cos)


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