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Segreti di Natura has chosen the most delicate flowers, the lightest fragrances, the sweetest extracts and oils, to formulate three products that respect the particular fragility of the kids bodies. Their skin is significantly different from that of an adult until puberty. It is much less oily and lubricated, as it lacks sebaceous secretions.

BABY OIL ml.200

It protects and moisturizes, helps to preserve the epidermis hydrolipid mantle of the small ones.

MADE WITH: soya oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil, jojoba oil.

DIRECTIONS:  ideal after the bath and the diaper change. Indispensable to remove cradle cap. Apply small doses kindly and massage to facilitate absorption.


A thick cream, rich in vitamins, which nourishes, softens and maintains elastic the sensitive skin of the child.

MADE WITH: almond oil, chamomile, shea butter, cornflower, mauve.

DIRECTIONS: spread a thin layer forms a protective film that protects from any irritating elements (like pee). Excellent at changing nappies or after bathing.


This our bathroom-shampoo, strictly neutral and formulated with delicate natural elements, cleanses absolute sweetness and leaves a pleasant feeling of well-being and clean.

MADE WITH: chamomile, calendula, cornflower, mauve.

DIRECTIONS: a few tablespoons of lukewarm bath water.

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