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Characterized by the sweet scents of wild strawberries, this line is aimed at giving to our body its best splendor.


This product is for a deep cleansing for the face and body.

It helps to eliminate dead cells and keratin parts. It donates to the skin light and a burst of vitality.

MADE WITH: calendula, red vine, apricot kernel micro-granules.

DIRECTIONS: apply with light massage on wet skin, rinse and then apply a cream or oil suited to your skin type.

RED MASK ml.200

This product is  a harmony of vitamin and vegetable oils formulated to restructure deeply, make beautiful and attractive. The buttery texture, opulent, will satisfy even the most exploited skins. The product is affected by the environmental temperature and can occur from a solid to a fully liquid. When is solid just make dissolve a small dose in contact with your fingers and then apply it. It can change their status many times without losing its quality.

MADE WITH: coconut flour, coconut oil, macadamia oil, red vine, vitamin C.

DIRECTIONS: apply all over the body with gentle massage and leave on for several minutes. Finally cleanse with a gentle bath-cream.


The application will make the feeling of having the body covered with a silk film. This lightweight blend of extracts and oils gives a velvety and elastic.

MADE WITH: sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil, red vine. DIRECTIONS: shake the bottle well and apply all over the body, massaging gently until absorbed.


An indispensable product for giving tone and texture to the whole body.

It is ideal in critical areas such as inner thighs, breasts, arms.

MADE WITH: sweet almond oil, red vine, hamamelis,  cypress, blueberry, coconut oil, Asian pennywort, birch.

DIRECTIONS: apply on skin and massage gently until absorbed intact.

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