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Four products exclusively dedicated to the beauty of our nails.


This preparation will help your nails grow stronger and white.

MADE WITH: linseed oil, lemon essential oil.

DIRECTIONS: apply a drop of the entire length of the nail,  massage gently until completely absorbed.


Gel preparation. Excellent for removal gently used solvents in removing the enamel.

MADE WITH: chamomile, calendula.

DIRECTIONS: you can use directly on the nail or by application on a diskette. After use, rinse it with water.


Ideal to soften the cuticles and promote their work. Used frequently it prevents dryness of nails contour area. The treated area will feel soft, moisturized and easy to work.

MADE WITH: almond oil, borage oil, hemp oil, oil prickly pear, orange essential oil.

DIRECTIONS: apply a drop to the cuticles and massage also accurately the perimeter of the nail, until absorbed.

NAIL WHITENING ml.50 + ml.50

Preparation in 2 stages to make the nails your natural color.

PHASE 1 MADE WITH: baking soda, citric acid, lemon essential oil.

STEP 2- MADE WITH: chamomile extract.

DIRECTIONS: It is applied on the nail a bit of mixture of step 1 and then a few drops of phase 2. Massage the nail until the end of bubbly reaction between the two phases. Clean gently with the nail cleaner.

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