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The intense aroma of cocoa always envelops and intoxicates the body and mind. The ancient South American native populations discovered the properties and nutrients through the centuries, this wonderful seed has come down to us, to give us moments of endless pleasure for the palate, but not only...

This line was created to let you wrap by sweet sensations and give a deep nourishment to your skin.


A pleasant mild foam flavoured with chocolate will wrap your body. While there is delight with the exotic and sensual fragrance, all the cocoa powder properties will be with you as a sweet embrace, gently cleanses, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

MADE WITH: cocoa, jojoba oil.

DIRECTIONS: directly add the bath water or put on a sponge to wipe gently.



Thanks to the nourishing and stimulating properties of the cocoa,

this exotic and sensual aroma shampoo cleanses with the utmost care by giving a soft and silky hair. Great for frequent use.

MADE WITH: calendula, cocoa, honey, soja oil.

DIRECTIONS: apply a small amount with your hands, massage the scalp and work with your fingers to reach the full length of the hair. Rinse well



It is a real beauty treatment for your hair, it helps to preserve the appearance of split end, it leaves a pleasant, soothing chocolate fragrance.

MADE WITH: vegetable collagen, shea butter, jojoba oil, cocoa.

DIRECTIONS: apply after shampooing as you do with a normal conditioner. Working with your fingers to the entire length of hair. Let it sits for few minutes and then rinse well.


Give yourself sweet pampering cocoa fragrance and rediscover a soft and velvety, thanks to the stimulating qualities of cocoa.

MADE WITH: calendula, shea butter, cocoa, soya oil.

DIRECTIONS: great after a bath or shower and every time you feel the need of hydration and elasticity to the skin around the body. Apply small doses and massage gently until absorbed.



Some people called the nectar of the gods for its aphrodisiac qualities. We are content to call it chocolate but we have to admit this body oil is truly amazing. Very light and easily absorbed, sweet and seductive is ideal as an after-bath or shower to restore the natural hydration. indicated for all skin types.

MADE WITH: sunflower oil, soja oil, jojoba oil, St. John's wort oil, cocoa.

DIRECTIONS: every time you feel the need of hydration and elasticity

for the whole body skin, apply small doses and massage gently until absorbed.


Scrubs are a practical health and irreplaceable beauty routine. This product removes dead cells and all impurities comparing with normal cleansing. It allows better oxygenation and stimulates the production of new cells. Scrub donates to the skin a smooth, firm and elastic, renewed result. The combined action of the essential oils is a real beauty treatment for the whole body.

MADE WITH: sunflower oil, corn flour coveted, cocoa.

DIRECTIONS: use a small dose of product, apply gently massaging all over the body. Eliminate the waste by rinsing thoroughly without using soap. Pat dry. As the product contains vegetable oils, it is not necessary to use a body cream or an body oil after treatment.

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