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Cellulite, was discovered in the late nineteenth century by a group of Swedish doctors and masseurs, who discovered the characteristic nodulose formations under the skin.


Then the French invented the name cellulite, to indicate the gelatinous substance, made of fat, water and residues that stagnates in subcutaneous bags. These formations can absorb large amounts of water, giving rise to wrinkled and flabby lumps. The most affected areas are: inner thighs and knees, abdomen, hips, gluteus, the inner part of the arms, ankles and even lumbar area. A healthier lifestyle, a balanced diet, and proper breathing are paramount to defeat cellulite, stretch marks and sagging skin. The full and deep breathing indeed produces greater oxygenation, burning greater amounts of residues.


Daily use of specific cosmetics is equally important. To address the problem, Segreti di Natura has designed a complete line which acts directly on the spots where cellulite accumulate, stimulating a natural elimination without the use of heat, in order to avoid alterations to the skin or to the capillaries.


It's a cream with high content of active substances, stimulates, tones and gives elasticity to the skin. To get good results it is always good to combine cream and Dream gel; or if cellulite is at an old stage, apply it before the  treatment with mud and Oleito Complex Ivy, then continue with the cream. Effective against adiposifa and skin imperfections"orange peel".

MADE WITH: almond oil, ivy, marigold, kelp, cypress, witch hazel, birch.

DIRECTIONS: once a day, apply with a massage from the bottom up to reactivate the micro circulation.


It is an excellent adjuvants for those suffering from water retention, especially associated with Cream Ivy and Ivy oleolito to eliminate accumulated toxins. It 'also a good idea abbinargli a moisturizing body cream, because draining could make slightly dry skin.

MADE WITH: birch, witch hazel, calendula, rosemary, summer savory.

DIRECTIONS: once a day, with a massage from the bottom up to reactivate the microcirculation.

ENVY IVY COMPLEX OIL ml.150 / ml.300

This oil is the result of a maceration of plants all adjuvants against the imperfections of cellulite: penetrates easily, leaving the skin soft and smooth, no heating action.

MADE WITH: sunflower oil, soy oil, ivy, fucus, lavender, witch hazel, birch.

DIRECTIONS: apply a small amount to the affected areas and massage until completely absorbed. Associated with the sludge, it is excellent to fight cellulite or old to get a quick result.


Body oil formulated to make us rediscover the designed shape. It 'a synergy of essential oils indicated for targeted action on cellulite by stimulating and the consequent elimination of subcutaneous bearings. It has rubefacient action and leaves the skin hydrated and smooth.

For very obvious cellulite and best results we recommend the combination with the ivy cream.

MADE WITH: sunflower oil, almond oil, essential oils of cajeput, rosemary, lemon, cypress.

DIRECTIONS: apply a small amount to the affected areas and massage until completely absorbed. It's preferable to use at night as the effects of the preparation is facilitated by the natural purification processes that our body starts at night.


This product is a treatment designed to prevent the loss of tone and to combat the formation of stretch marks, ensuring optimal skin hydration and elasticity. The skin rediscovers softer and smoother.

MADE WITH: soya oil, sunflower oil, echinacea, calendula, St. John's wort, wheat germ oil, yarrow.

DIRECTIONS: Apply on affected areas and massage until completely absorbed.


The bath is very relaxing, relieves tension and calms the nerves.Do your bathroom a real beauty treatment: this bath will help in the treatment of cellulite.

MADE WITH: fucus, cypress, ivy, calendula.

DIRECTIONS: Recommended 2/3 times a week for 20 minutes with water at 36/38 degrees.


It's a powerful beauty treatment to be done in the shower or when swimming. Besides removing dead cells, micro-granules will be useful for an adjuvant massage in the treatment of cellulite.

Your skin will be brighter, hydrogen and velvety.

MADE WITH: ivy, fucus, cypress, calendula, apricot kernel micro-granules.

DIRECTIONS: massage small doses of the product in a circular motion, concentrating on the

critical areas, then rinse thoroughly.

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